Yup, it’s a girl. Oh boy…it’s a girl. Not sure what to do with that. Honestly, I suppose I’m disappointed just because all fathers want a son to play sports with and teach life lessons to. Girls are…..HARD! Really, really hard! They are complicated and hard to understand and they have a lot of emotions. Well, emotions that they express. Boys have emotions too, they just learn to hide them better than girls at an early age because the typical response to guy’s emotions are, “You’re such a girl.” Whole can of worms there that I won’t get into at all.

I’m not disappointed though. I’m excited. I can’t wait because of those emotions that arise with girls. The sweet innocence that I am sworn to protect as the husband. I am the guardian that wants to make sure they have everything they need to succeed and push themselves and achieve great things. Great things is ambiguous on purpose. I don’t care what she becomes, I just want her to be extremely happy and to grow up glowing in the presence of the Lord.

But MAN….GIRLS ARE HARD! It will probably require more of me emotionally which is way harder than physically. I suppose we’ll see…again. The crazy thing is that I already love her. I love her so much. She is already my world and my bright spot in the day.

I guess we’ll see what happens next in this cycle. The third trimester is almost upon us. I can’t believe that she’s almost here! Well, almost as in a few months away.


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