Millennials-My Generation???

There was a topic brought up in church last week that caught my interest. This generation that is coming into it’s own which I claim as my own. I was only ten years old when 2000 hit but I think I relate more to the millennials than I do to the current generation of youth. I think people my age fall into that generational gap as well. We didn’t grow up with technology like the current generation but at the same time we experienced both with and without said technology.

Anyway, all that aside I realized that this new generation is starting to impact the world and especially our country. The recent hubbub about the Confederate flag comes to mind when I think about millennial impact on the world. I love that spirit. Out with the old ways. The ways that held people back and labelled them. The ways that put a name on someone and they were bound by that name for their lives. There is also some shock waves in regards to the economy and the way our government is run as well. We’re seeing some turn around. People are going back to work and they are doing something about their lives, no longer settling for mediocrity. I love that. I think we as Christians love this explosion of change and optimism. Who doesn’t love new exciting opportunities to let the world know that we are a changing country. However, I noticed that this rush of optimism comes with a flaw.

Right now a lot of you are saying, “WHAT! Optimism is the best! It’s way better than pessimism and mistrust and hatred.” Well, yeah. You’re right. You couldn’t be any more right. I think that looking on the bright side is so much better than the dark. Just don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. Don’t pull a mainstream media and take part of what I say. There is a flaw with riding this wave of optimism that is flooding our airwaves and brainwaves. We as Christians see people’s physical needs getting met. We donate our money, our time, even our own sweat and blood to make sure people have a home, food, or the latest gadgets and devices.

How often have you seen someone take time to sit and talk with someone and get to know them and let them know that they are a person that they care about. I care about you and I want you to know something, even if you don’t have a cell phone or a place to live, you can have Jesus. Sheesh, hope you’re not lactose intolerant cuz that was cheesy. I think we so often think that we’re helping people by giving them a laptop or an iPad when we’re ignoring the true problem: sin. We ignore the fact that the druggy is going to keep doing drugs and then we send them to rehab, give them a new car and say “Make something of yourself.” Stuff won’t fix that. The spouse who’s significant other left them may need a place to stay until they get back on their feet but what good are you to God if you just give them a bed and some meals. I could go on but showing you care for someone on a deeper level than physical needs gives them so much more.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying don’t donate. (Luke 3:11 He answers and said to them, He that has two coats, let him impart to him that has none; and he that has meat, let him do likewise.)I’m saying do that and also be a human person to someone else.

We as Christians like to think that we’ve done our part because we donated some food or we participated in the parade and made our church’s name known in our towns. Real timeless Christianity is a faith that is lived out and seeks the Jesus need instead of the physical need. That is when we’ll see real change in our nation and in our world.

Wow, that was long. Hope you read it…or part of it. Maybe I’ll come back to this topic. I really like this generation but I think there are pitfalls that we shouldn’t walk towards over the next several decades as Christians growing up in our current world.


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