Media in the Hands of a Distracted Child

So there’s this problem that I have. It’s one of those problems that you have that you don’t see until someone points it out. Scripture tells us that its like a man looking at his own reflection then forgetting what he looks like. I would say that’s pretty accurate.

Every since I was a kid, I think I’ve had the same problem. When I was a kid, one of my elementary teachers thought I had ADD. During parent teacher conferences she bombarded my mother with proof that I wasn’t focusing in class like I used to and that I now have a “disorder”. My mother being the proud mother that she is immediately reacted saying, “There’s nothing wrong with my baby” like any overprotective mother would. But she was also an astute observer. She started noticing some things herself. I wasn’t saying the funny things I used to, I had glazed over eyes like I was somewhere else, I wouldn’t even listen at times while I was being spoken to. She also noticed I was spending a lot of time with a controller or remote in my hand. She decided it was time to cut back on the media.

It was because of this decision that I look back on my childhood and consider it not wasted. You would think that I would learn my lesson. Those same symptoms have surfaces again in my life except it wasn’t my mother who noticed, it was my wife. Pretty sad if you ask me. This may be a problem that a lot of men face but never address especially in Christian circles. We are suppose to be mirrors of Christ and all we’re doing is passing the time. How has this slipped through unnoticed. Probably because we have a million excuses prepared. “What else am I suppose to do?” “At least I’m not doing ABC which is waaaay worse.” “I don’t have any hobbies that I could be doing or anything.” “Everything else costs money.” “I just need a brain break for a little while.” You name it, I’ve probably used it.

This isn’t a problem unique to video games or television or even men. I think women can do this too. This is an issue that I don’t think many people discuss and I think it’s about time some did. I am taking the first steps to try to kill these symptoms in my life. I like the person I am without them way better than the half asleep, glazed eyed person I am with them in my life.


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