There have been clear signs that baby girl Nikkel is almost upon us. I have all my sub plans figured out. Everything is ready to go with school and the paperwork is all wrapped up. We’ve had a shower and we’ve made quite a few purchases which I’m sure won’t be our final purchases for the baby.

Thoughts going into this are scattered. One minute, I’ll say, “I’m so excited.” and be filled with apprehension and the next I’ll say things like, “Yeah, I’m not sure. We’ll see.” and be totally at peace. My head and heart and mouth are never in agreement. I suppose that is probably the first step in parenting. I’m excited though. I’m ready to hold her and see her eyes and keep her close. Up until now she’s just been a distant event, now it’s looming and I can’t wait!

My thoughts really come down to this: I’m ready for it to start but I have no idea what to expect. It’s the same feeling that any one gets before a big life change. I suppose it is sort of like getting ready for a wedding except instead of putting on a ring you put on an additional ten pounds. They both involve white dresses though. One is a tad nicer than the other.


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