The Highest Calling

I haven’t done many things in my lifetime. I realize this now that I’m old enough to say I have A LOT to learn and young enough to say that I at least have to time undertake the challenge or experiencing some of it. The most recent experience that I undertook was becoming a parent. This…wasn’t what I was expecting.

You always think of parenting as the warm fuzzies. I’ve heard everything from, “Being a mom is the best job in the world.” to “Being a parent is just the best.” I am here to say that they were wrong. Not wrong wrong, just wrong in the sense that these statement DO NOT give you the whole picture.

I’m here to say that parenting is TOUGH!!! Really, really tough. Our little girl has a really good set of lungs. I mean, really…really good lungs. She can scream as loud as a siren some times and it makes your ears ring. Why was this not included in the tutorial? Why was I not told that she would do this for no reason other than that she is outside of my wife. I’m saying these things partly because I’m venting also because I want people to understand that being a new parent is not rainbows and horseshoes.

Other parents will tell you that their child sleeps 26 hours out of the day. (Hyperbole not a typing error) Our little girl isn’t one of those children. We still love her… A LOT though.

In the span of my short experience on this planet, I’ve always thought that ministry was the highest calling. I, personally, had always placed teaching second. Never when I thought of callings did I place parenting in the top 5. Well, I’ve never been full time in the ministry but I can easily say that being a parent is easily a higher calling than teaching. It’s like here’s teaching at second floor, ministry is somewhere above that, and then parenting is probably on the top floor…of the Empire State Building.

Parents everywhere, young or seasoned. You have my undying gratitude. You are champions and if you are committed, you are the strongest people in my very young, very unexperienced, eyes.


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