What Christians Strive to Be

I was reading Oswald Chambers this morning and the entry for this day painted a picture. This picture looks strikingly different to what all other religions and people strive to be in life.

I have never heard of another religion or system trying to make people into not themselves with no promise of power, gain, or a higher state of being. In no other place other than in Christ can you find yourself made so small in the eyes of everyone including yourself.

Every time someone compared Christianity to any other religious system like Islam, Catholicism, or any other monotheistic system I can easily say that the other two and several others strive to gain something and do a list of things for themselves.

Everything that a Christian that is being raised and born again in Christ strives to be is small and humble and inconspicuous. When was the last time you heard a Godly person without an agenda say, “I’m doing this so that I can get A, B, C.”

We do it because Christ has transformed us and made us new. We do it not because we get something out of it but because we don’t. We strive to make Christ known, not ourselves. We strive to make Him famous. We try to put others ahead so that we may be last. “The last shall be first.” We don’t do it to be first in the next life, that isn’t the point. The point is that we do this, so that Christ will be known and that we may be unmemorable and forgotten in the sea that is Christ.


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