How can a loving God send people to Hell? (An Analogy)

Oh boy. This has always been a doozy whenever I hear an answer to this question. This is an all too common question that some can’t answer. I actually thought of an analogy while checking paper, go figure.

I was checking paper recently and I set a standard on them. I wanted all the papers to be written without any grammar mistakes. I thought this was a reasonable expectation since I gave each one of them time in class and they have a bunch of tools and technology to help them to accomplish this goal. After I checked every single paper, I realized that every single student had at least a few mistakes.

Instead of failing them all and giving them the grade they all deserved, I made an exception. I graded each one based on their own mistakes. Now some still made so many errors and didn’t write it the way that I required that they still failed and would have in the old system as well. Many more passed though thanks to my exceptions.

I’ve actually done this in my class and I’ve had some approach me that have PASSED  and they complain that I was too harsh. Needless to say, once I tell them that they would have failed under the old system, they tend to change their tune quickly.

We are the students and God is the teacher that sets the standard on the assignment of life. Life’s standards require that we are sinless. Not a lofty standard since He created the assignment, right? Luckily, he has made an exception. We can come to Him if we accept His Son. God had every reason to fail us and yet He loved us enough to give us a way to pass or to be with Him.

Now honestly speaking, whenever I have a student tell me that I was unfair with my grading, I think of them as a little spoiled and ungrateful. It’s a relief to know that God doesn’t feel this same way towards us, or perhaps he might. Either way, when we look at His old system and when we understand it this new system under Christ doesn’t seem so harsh anymore. This gives us the opportunity to accept Christ and enter Heaven with an A instead of failing. I’m glad that He didn’t stick to His old system.


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