A Blind World

I heard on the radio the other day about an issue going on in Houston, Texas at the moment. The short version of this story is that two daycare workers at a private daycare center were fired because they refused to refer to a little girl as a boy at the request of her gay parents.

The important details to note are that this little 6-year-old girl also requested to being referred to as a boy. My little girl is only 6 weeks old but I have been around little children and I’d like to raise a point that many involved with this issue are too blind to see.

Six year old children are at that prime when it comes to their imagination. This is right around the time when they believe that Santa is real. Why do they believe this? Well, the media tells them that its real, their teacher might continue this illusion, but the main people that push this myth are the parents.

Some parents push it until they’re older and the myth is shattered and then the mourning begins. The line between what could happen and what can actually happen is blurred through innocence and trust.

I know that these parents love their daughter. They wouldn’t have gone through the adoption process or whatever process they used unless they wanted to love this child. Isn’t it possible that one day daughter came in from a day playing in the mud with the boys on the block and they told themselves, “She’s acting like such a boy. I bet that she is.”

Isn’t it possible that she is just being a child. Children at 6 and below don’t have the same gender boundaries that we have as adults.

So dad and…dad tell her that she is actually a boy. They ingrain this into her and of course she’s going to believe it…she’s 6!

Why are we so blind with issues like this? The main defense of the people who support cases like this is that the people that struggled with gender identity and committed suicide because they weren’t acknowledged would have wanted this confirmed at the age of 6.

We could go backwards and forwards on this whole idea of gender identity and when this comes to fruition and what happens inside someone’s mind when they identify themselves as another gender but medical professionals know for a fact that it ISN’T 6 years old!

This bothered me so much and I had to mention something. Chances are people will either agree with this or they will stand on the exact opposite side of the fence and hate me because of what I’ve said. I do want to make it clear that I don’t hate anyone involved with this issue. I also want to say that everyone needs Jesus. I think that might be just the perfect way to wrap this all up.


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