Many Many Changes

Aw man. There’s so much. So many. So many changes. A new house that we will probably soon be moving out of (long story). A new baby on the way in June. A new job that’s so different…SO DIFFERENT!

I feel like I’ve never been stretched so much either. Money is tighter than it has ever been. The family is great but it takes all my effort to help with a 1 year old that is crazy, no insane, no hyperactive, no little living breathing tornado of daily drama and emotions.

She doesn’t sit still and she wants to learn everything. ALL the things. I love her so much.

There’s a new baby on the way too. I can’t wait. I might even take a lot of the summer off just to be with the new baby. We figure out the gender in a couple weeks.

The new job is different in the way that the school is different. Could have seen that coming though. A class of 500 is different than a class of 50? No way! Johnston is unique with it’s problems and strengths as is Montezuma. I’m starting to understand how the place works though and what it will take to be successful. Hint: It’s different than at Montezuma. I was pretty intimidated and confused and quite frankly depressed with the changes at first but after some time and some understanding (and a much needed break) I’m starting to find ways to improve my teaching and hopefully the student’s lives as well.

More updates to come on what I’m learning. There have been a lot of those too.


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