1st Timothy 1:1-2

  • I’d like to try journaling as I study a passage. I think it will help me understand and remember scripture. Verse 1: this seems like a standard greeting other than the “by command.” I’m reading the ESV so mine might be different but when you think about it this makes all the difference. He is saying that his authority comes directly from God himself. Without that piece, his whole message is lost. He needs the command of Christ and we all should draw on what God has commanded us in his word. Verse 2: “my true child in the faith”. What an honor to be thought as Paul the apostle’s son in the faith. I’ve had some pretty amazing mentors and teachers over the years. That’s a lot of honor and a lot of expectation. That’s what comes with receiving a gift like the Holy Spirit and salvation. I also hope that one day I can tell people that I have children in the faith and not just children. Kids are great but the real legacy are the people you can call spiritual children. That’s where a mans true measure lies.

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