1st Timothy 1: 3-4

“you may charge certain persons not to teach any different doctrine.” I can’t decide if this is a good charge or a bad charge. It all depends on if the person is already teaching different doctrine and what is meant by different. We find out in verse 4. “nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies.” This is interesting to me. What I translate this as saying is, “Don’t waste your time with theologies that don’t build the kingdom. No one ever got saved because of the details in your chart.”

We as churches so often get hung up on this. Not genealogies but details and theologies that don’t determine our stance with God. Emersion, predestination, the elements, and so many other details we find in scripture that can lead down bunny trails that ultimately distract from the point of why we teach scripture. Then it goes on and says “rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith”. I looked up stewardship using logos and found out that stewardship is interchangeable with management or plan. Translation, “Tell people to stop teaching things that distract from God’s plan.” It’s a simple message that so often gets lost.

I don’t want to point the finger. I do think that churches that have been established for a long time have a tendency to do this though. It’s a natural thing to occur. When an establishment of any kind experiences a lack of newness or stagnation, the tendency of everyone is to look inward. We need to be careful and not get caught doing the same thing but we need to keep God’s plan in mind.

I need to not get caught up in all these discussions about things that ultimately don’t impact God’s plan and things that distract from his goals. Time to get focused in on the things that matter like God’s plan for my life and my ministry.


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