1st Timothy 1: 9-11

These verses say a lot about our culture today. The saying, “Don’t judge me” is all too common now-a-days. “the law is not laid down for the just but for the lawless and disobedient.” Then, Paul proceeds to write a long list of offenders. I have so often looked at this list and said, “Not on there. I must be just.” Not so. Jesus said if you lust, you are sexually immoral. If you hate, you murder. If you do anything in your heart, God sees it and you might as well do it.

I think Paul is saying here that we all need the law. He even goes on to say later that he was a “blasphemer, persecutor and insolent opponent.” What changed? Jesus. Jesus was the change in Paul. We shouldn’t look on the list and tell ourselves we’re good once we’ve made it through and we haven’t done anything. We should look at the law and say, “Thank God for that.” all the while knowing that we have Jesus that has made us just. The only good in me is Jesus.

I digress. I think Paul is ultimately saying that we’re made just in Christ and that those stuck in sin are going to break the law. The law is no longer for anyone. Sinners can’t follow it because they are outside of Christ. Christ covers our sins which are against the law. Therefore, the law holds no weight. The only way we can follow the law is with the help of Christ.

I’ve met righteous people in my life but if you ask them about righteousness, they will respond with a laugh. They don’t consider themselves righteous. They would tell you that Christ is righteous and the only way they stopped doing this or that from their previous ‘unsaved’ lives is because of Christ. Christ is the righteousness in all of us. Thank the Lord for that. Without Him, I’d live by the law and I would fail continuously.


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