1st Timothy 1:12-15

I love verse 12. “I thank him who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our Lord,” I mean could you get anymore fitting. Everything being done has been done for Jesus and we’ve been using his strength to do it. Paul is thankful into verse 13 that he was even saved from his old life. At our church, we’re going through Phillipians and I think a lot of people forget that Paul has a past, a pretty rugged and evil past at that. He went from serial killer to apostle. Seriously, he made it a part of his lifestyle to ensure that people would die. We don’t do that today. There’s only one kind of person that does that for a living and it’s a terrorist and even the most anti-Christian people hate that type of violence.

I think Paul understands how unspeakable those days for him were. He gets why he calls himself “the foremost” of all sinners. I think we need to keep that in perspective and understand that the worst people in the world can be turned towards the gospel if we just let God work and give him the glory for giving us strength to work in his kingdom.


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